Through high performance embroidery machines we make any type of embroidery.
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Commercial embroidery is an ultramodern process by which the graphic elements, text or logo requested by the customer are processed electronically by a specialized software connected to the embroidery machines. Basically, the computer program commands the embroidery machine to make the desired stitches, in the shape, size and color ranges desired. With no human intervention other than in the computer program settings, the end result will be high-fidelity embroidery, perfect stitching, color combinations almost impossible to execute manually, at a speed that provides productivity, efficiency and optimal costs for the end customer. The computerized embroidery we use at the embroidery workshop allow us to make any type of embroidery with maximum precision of details and complex combination of colors, text, logos and graphic elements.

Commercial embroidery can be used for many applications such as any type of representation. embroidered graphics for logos, monograms, text, badge graphics and any other graphic elements embroidered on textiles used in the medical field, for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and medical offices. Another industry is that of construction, embroidery for overalls and equipment work is distinguished by versatility because we can embroider any area of working equipment, exceptional graphic details, special resistance to dirt, durability over time.



In addition to professional equipment and computer software, we rely on specialists with complete technical experience.
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