What is an

Online Store?

A short answer to the question "what is an online store" would be.
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A dynamic website, where the merchant can present their products for sale, and visitors or customers can choose the products they want to buy and, in some cases, even pay directly by paying online. Although they had a difficult start, online stores now represent a very large share of the retail market, being the online segment with the most spectacular growth in recent years. In Romania, the use of online stores as a business model has registered an explosive growth in recent years, in line with the global trend of Internet business development.

Nowadays, everything from gifts, books, perfumes, flowers, to home shopping, even pets can be purchased from online stores. If you sell a product or service, an online platform can be your "showcase" on the Internet, allowing visitors to your store to inspect your products or services directly from their homes, at any time of the day or night, any day of the week. . The software solutions present on the market, at present, are among the most diverse, being applicable from general purpose stores to the most specialized stores, dedicated to a single product or a range of products. The costs for setting up an online store can range from free to thousands or hundreds of thousands of euros, depending on the performance required by the merchant from the company that manages the store, or the design services required.

The advantages of owning an online store are numerous and we mention here some of the most important: a first advantage is that an online store can be kept "open" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the staff required to run and maintain an online store is clearly inferior to that required to maintain a classic store. tiny, compared to a classic store, on the street, or in a mall. , while rearranging the products in a classic store can be difficult and time consuming, in some cases requiring the store to close. need to travel the "road" from the grocery district to the home appliance. the comparison between various products is easy, in the case of an online store, it can be done on the monitor screen. l of products appreciated by previous buyers, their opinions can cause potential customers to enter your online store and buy, they, the same products, based on existing reviews. Sorting products according to various criteria, the most important being the price, practically impossible to do in a classic store. A buyer in an online store not only does not have to push the shopping cart along the store, but can also leave it with products, after which to continue purchases after a period of time, during which time the products added to his shopping cart are kept to be added or paid for.



Your new store will have a professional and attractive look.
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Efficient. Adaptable. Stable.

According to the new ranking algorithm implemented by Google, the responsive design is no longer just a fact, but a necessity step. This means that it has the ability to change its structure depending on the device from which the online store is accessed (desktop, tablet, smartphone). The layout is fully customizable, and can be structured and modified according to the needs of each client.

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Easy to use

It is one of the most crucial factors that make the online platform one of the most efficient elements of e-commerce. The first and main factor you need to think about when analyzing any e-commerce platform is the level of use offered by that platform.

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Order management

Through online platforms, we offer you several ways to manage incoming orders. These can be taken over with the notifications received via SMS or E-Mail which are created automatically after placing an order.

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Small details matter

Through the online store offered by us, we help you customize your store activities, while promising you improved performance. We can create custom proforma invoices that fit a particular product or product group, and automate store activities is another feature that helps you manage your business properly online.

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Easy payment of orders

It is well known that online stores attach great importance to user comfort. In accordance with this basic premise of online shopping, we offer you options that help customers choose the option to pay for orders online or on delivery, both in lei and in various currencies.

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Pleasant to look at

Accessibility - the platform can be accessed without problems from all devices! No special versions are required, which must be developed separately Pleasant browsing experience - because it adapts to each access, eliminates nagging errors, the appearance of horizontal scrolls, the appearance of too small or uncomfortable buttons, etc.

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Technical support

The website must always be maintained, adapted or modified according to the evolution of your business, in order to be able to effectively promote your services or products. We offer you the maintenance service for the website we create, for the entire contract period. We also make sure that your online presence is protected at all times.


Our team of specialists offers you support throughout the implementation, as well as after the launch of the online store.


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Alternative methods of promotion The platform itself contains in addition to the online store and some alternative methods to attract customers:

* Newsletter: through this method, the customer chooses to be kept informed by e-mail, with all offers or promotions of the platform, in real time
* Customer account: this method gives the customer the ability to create a customer account, being able to benefit from personalized offers and discounts
* Forum: is the most complex method by which you can approach your customers. Through this service, you can expose your products through an extensive description aided by images and videos, and customers can leave comments about your products and advertising campaigns.

The e-commerce platform is perhaps one of the most flexible options on the market. For this reason, in just a few years after its launch, it has managed to gather about 5 million visitors, 700,000 members in the community, used in 150 countries , supplying globally over 200,000 online stores! Moreover, it is currently available in 65 languages, including Romanian. In addition, it uses IP-based e-commerce, which will automatically display the store details in the language of the country where the store is accessed, and this improves the SEO optimization of your store !!