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    PHP / MySQL / HTML5

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ECO trade development

It is no exaggeration to say that we can find a solution for all your e-commerce site development requirements. Through the online platform offered, we can promise efficient performance that results from its modern features, such as the friendly interface that you can provide to customers and that guarantees business growth. We can also effortlessly manage a multi-product site

that contains unlimited categories. With our help, you can exercise better control over your online offers, the daily management of your goods online, allows you to classify your products into several categories. You can effortlessly create successful online promotions, launch new products, and run newsletter and ad campaigns on a custom store-specific forum.

It is important that your store designs the right image. Many customers want to have a pleasant experience in a farm-type store, different from shopping in the traditional market or in a supermarket. Customers of agricultural products usually appreciate the contact with the people who were directly involved in the production, so it is vital that you and your staff can answer questions about the goods sold as quickly as possible through the platform.

First impresions are important so that the design of the store will ideally refer to its links with the products sold. The image of the stores and its setting can help a lot to influence customer decisions. Pleasant and easy-to-understand graphics help simplify customer decisions. Another important factor is the product picture together with a detailed description of it, which must reflect as accurately as possible the real product.

What will happen if farmers sell their agricultural products without reselers? If farmers sell their agricultural products without intermediaries, they will get a better profit for their products and will not depend on others for their sale. Most farmers sell their agricultural products with the help of intermediaries, who can charge high commissions and do not offer market stability. Intermediaries may refuse certain crops or crops and, in the absence of storage space, farmers are likely to sell agricultural products at lower rates to intermediaries who then make a huge profit by selling at a higher rate.e.