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The site is your digital business card with the ability to present useful information about your company



Easy to use e-commerce solutions. Turn your idea into reality



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Product & Branding

Any plan requires a structure as balanced as possible



Professional web hosting solutions based on performance servers

Professional assistance

With the help of our specialists you can get the most efficient solution for your business

We develop websites for presentation and 100% custom E-Commerce platforms

Stages of implementation a presentation site or a virtual store.

communication, project definition, objectives, target audience definition, market analysis;
This is the preliminary stage and also one of the most important in which we collect all materials. In the analysis of the project, one of our specialists has an in-depth discussion with you, so that both parties can reach a consensus on the goals of the project and how they will be achieved , design and discussions on the functionality of the site.

Before starting the development, we will provide you with a fixed price quote for the project implementation, based on the design files and specifications established in the project analysis stage. After accepting the offer, a contract will be concluded and an advance will be charged, immediately after this steps our IT specialists who will start to build your personalized site.

sketch, site map, design;
With all the details well established, the designer will start his work. He makes a sketch with you that gives shape to the concept with different elements of inspiration. Together with the team of technicians, the digital transposition of the completed sketch begins. The next step is the site map, more precisely all the pages and their links are defined , outlined and implemented in the site. The designer sets the colors, the graphic style, font , animations and interactions between the elements of the website and the user, but also deep details such as the selective loading of the content. After 3 rounds of feedback with a specialist in internal quality includes testing the website on multiple mobile devices and browsers, the site is submitted for review.

programming, functionality development, content addition;
With the design approved by our team and you, it's time for the site to become functional and ready to be displayed in browsers, on any device, whether it's a desktop or a mobile phone. To do this, the web developer writes hundreds of lines of code, using various coding methods such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or MySQL.

After the completion of the presentation site according to the created design and the specified functionalities, it reaches the verification and testing stage , not to be accessed by unauthorized persons, to be stable and reliable.Usually, a presentation site reaches from the main stage to the testing stage in a maximum of 20 days. Any delay in response will automatically extend this delivery time by the number of days you wait until the information is obtained.

Upload on hosting, web domain update;
At this point, the website creation process is complete, and it remains to be published on the Internet so that it can be accessed by users. Hosting is required to upload site files and a web domain to facilitate access. The ingredients for creating a successful website are design, functionality and content.

We offer both physical and video support via skype, wazzup or various other similar platforms for the correct administration of the website, customized according to your specifications. Before submitting a website, we train the people who will manage the site. During a training session you will learn how to update the multimedia content on the site, how to modify the content where is possible or how you can perform administration actions designed to provide control over the platform.

We recommend purchasing a dedicated maintenance package for presentation sites or online stores if the website was developed by our agency or another web developer.
The actions included in the maintenance budget are:

• Site optimization for situations where we take over an old site
• Periodic checking of website functionality
• Regularly updating plugins
• Adding images
• Adding texts
• Changes to the structure of the website
• Adding new pages
• Add blog posts
• Viruses, antivirus and antispam protection
• Intervention time 24 h Assigned workload: 4 hours


Complete Online Business

Open an online store with hundreds of easy-to-manage features
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Using the latest technologies of the moment, we offer complete web design services, through presentation sites, news portals, blogs or platforms for different types of businesses, with a 100% responsive design, integrating advanced functionalities for users, making it easier to communicate , providing a unique experience.

Whether you want a simple presentation site, or you need a customized platform, or you are an agency that offers you an elaborate development process, with a custom design and advertising production, EmarketSolutions offers you complete solutions.Save time and unnecessary investment in a physical space. We are more than a service provider, we are a reliable partner for a long journey, full of challenges and achievements.

Unique styles - Choose from the models we offer, or create your own style for your future online store, with the help of our dynamic team, giving your business a unique and original image. We make sure that the offered platform is shaped by the image of your business.

Simple and to the point - saves the necessary time invested in creating a site and the necessary maintenance with our help. We offer monthly maintenance programs that include technical supervision and necessary changes quickly and efficiently. No matter where in the country or in the world your potential customers are, you will be able to get in touch with them more easily. In the online environment, 120 million euros are bought every day! Do you want to waste more precious time?



Today most consumers access the Internet through portable devices such as smartphones or tablets. The platforms created by us are compatible with any device, ensuring a pleasant and easy to understand look, no matter how they are accessed.

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